Friday, February 28, 2014

What the Turquoise Bird Taught Me

Meet Boz. Boz is a Green Cheek Conure with a turquoise mutation. Full of personality, life, and love, Boz was my soul mate in animal form. Boz passed away 2 days ago after a tragic freak accident. He was only 18 months old. In his 18 months, he taught me so many important lessons about life. As painful as his loss is and as painful as even his good memories are at this point, I feel compelled to share his lessons. And so I'll share with you What the Turquoise Bird Taught Me.


1. Look at things from different perspectives 

Things aren't always what they seem, so look at things from different perspectives. Sometimes they are exactly what they seem, but take a look just to be sure.
2. Bring your light to light up someone else's world

Boz's very presence could light up a room. Let your personality shine to light up someone else's world. You never know what impact your light may have. 

3. Approach new things carefully, but with Courage

It takes Courage to conquer a Dr Pepper can when you are only 62 grams. 

4. Connect with people through your own passions

By sharing your passions, you share a piece of yourself which might otherwise remain untouchable

5. If you can't stand on your own head, stand on someone else's 

Not really a lesson, I just love that he loved to stand on my head

6. Don't let clipped wings keep you from trying to fly

People will try to clip your wings (both figuratively and literally)-don't stop trying to fly

7. Love who you love

Love who you love without consideration of what others will think

8. Spend quality time with your loved ones

9. Take picture with friends... or photobomb them for fun

10. Keep your life spicy! 

Keep life interesting-indulge in new experiences 

11. Study hard... if you're not in school, help someone who is!

12. Don't let money worry you 

But don't steal your parent's credit card like Boz

 13. Sometimes you gotta take a gamble

14. Be vulnerable

The greatest love lends itself to vulnerability by breaking down every wall

15. Take naps with your people, relax!

Why recline over there when you can recline right here??!! 

 16. Do something you love and do it often

Who knew so much life and love could be compacted into such a tiny creature? Boz was my whole world, teaching me valuable lessons on life, love, and as I recently learned: vulnerability. I hope you will find his lessons as valuable as I have.

And to my Bozworth, I'll see you in my sunset.

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